Add a Few More Shades to Your Tequila Sunrise

Made from 100% blue agave slow roasted, our Blanco is incredibly smooth and finely balanced. It’s creamy with warm notes of spices, citrus and honey with a youthful snap. Perfect for using in cocktails.

Also made from 100% pure blue agave slow roasted, this tequila is smooth and finely balanced. However, as “Reposado” means “rested” this tequila is allowed to “set” for a while, giving it a more rounded, softer finish with an oakey vanilla yet slightly peppery note.

The more mature of our tequilas, our Añejo is allowed to age at least 12 months in oak barrels. We again start with 100% pure blue agave and slow roast it for an incredibly smooth and finely balanced finish. We then let it age to perfection. This tequila has notes of nuts and almonds with a light vanilla sweetness perfect for sipping.